Tamper with flat or curved base in stainless steel

Coffee tampers are probably the most important tool for the successful preparation of Espresso. In order for the portafilter to develop sufficient pressure and to prevent the water from passing through too quickly, the coffee grounds should be properly compressed with the tamper. All our models are crafted from materials of the highest quality, and the handles are ergonomically designed to ensure perfect grip and manual control. We offer custom made tamper and sell bases and ahndles of teh tamper seperatly, that helps Wholesalers and Retailers easy warehousing. Tampers are mostly producted of stainless steel, with flat or curved bases. We offer dynamometric or Click Tamper tamper handle with its integrated precision release mechanism allows you to perfectly set and control the maximal pressure you require for optimal results, depending on the type and coarseness of the coffee grounds and also on your personal preferences.
Our meticulously engineered pressure limiter can be calibrated within a range of 8 kg to 21 kg (18 lbs to 46 lbs) by adjusting the central screw inside the handle’s core. The dynamometric tamper will automatically trigger a click-release once the selected pressure is reached like a torque. The handle with its screw-on cap consists of aluminium, the pressure-sensitive device inside is manufactured with stainless steel. Tamper Technic is the Mercedes of the dynamomatric Tampers and approved since more than 4 years, perfect Tamper for Bars and Restaurants.